Beijing Nest Hotel

Product Name
GFRC Component
Main Raw Material
Cement; Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber
Supply Amount
12000 Square Meters
Building Façade Decoration
Custom Size
30-50 MM
Smooth &Rough Surface

In a corner of the old building cluster, CHAO's modern appearance is very conspicuous. The Beijing Chao Hotel, which was modernized by Manhard von Gekang and his partners, is located in the core area of Beijing’s Sanlitun business district. It integrates domestic culture, business, and cuisine. The project is concise and bright, creating a modern Sexual and sustainable hotel architecture.


Its predecessor was the "Beijing City Hotel" in the 1990s. However, due to the rapid development of the city and the times, it is necessary to redefine the status of the tower in the urban landscape.

The design of the project is inspired by the "nest" where animals inhabit. The multi-level and diversified space uses different materials, colors and elements to present the historical charm and the vitality of the times.

The design of the tower from the main body to the details is done in one go, with a dignified atmosphere under the setting sun. The simple and atmospheric LOGO and location advantages guide people into the hotel just right. The material and structural logic of the facade are also extended to the entrance area of the hotel's extension. The semi-open courtyard is as comfortable as a home.


The highly recognizable folding curtain wall wraps the 26-story tower, which is triangular in plan. For every two floors, a unit is divided by a slender horizontal glass fiber concrete, creating a harmonious facade texture. Folding curtain walls and full-height floor-to-ceiling windows open to the urban space, and at the same time increase the amount of natural light entering, realizing a unique spatial texture.

Nikko Auditorium


The lighting design of the Sunlight Auditorium was simplified, so as not to destroy the transparency of the top, a downlight was not used on the top of the building. The spacious space is enough to maximize the effect of light. The luminous wall of the facade can provide impressive scenes and diversified possibilities for various events or art exhibitions.

The hotel design treats life with advanced concepts, and always uses a warm architectural language to write each city text, giving the building more emotion.

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