Beijing Chengao Building

Product Name
GFRC Component
Main Raw Material
Cement; Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber
Supply Amount
12000 Square Meters
Building Façade Decoration
Custom Size
30-50 MM
Smooth &Rough Surface

The iteration of society and the diversity of cognition are giving people rich ideas for future architecture. In the future, architecture may be more to meet people's ever-changing material and spiritual needs, and to create a more ideal life scene.

The project is located on the south side of the Olympic Sports Center of the North Fourth Ring Road. It is jointly built by the two major groups of Urban Construction and Beitou. The planned area of the project is 69,000 square meters. It is the first full life cycle BIM application demonstration project in Beijing. It also integrates commercial, office, and conference facilities. All-in-one green building.


Adhering to the 3A standard design, it creates a unique non-linear architectural appearance, which looks like a thumbs up, and the body is dynamic and free. Explore the different feelings people get in space activities, and try to create a place with profound meaning with fashionable and modern architectural language, which makes people think about the existence of space while brightening their eyes.


In terms of space design, the first floor of the project has created a lobby of 2500 square meters and a multifunctional hall of about 1500 square meters. The net height of 8 meters, supplemented by the high-precision prefabricated clear water GRC "V"-shaped column with the upper circle decoration, and the marble hardcover veneer, create an excellent "high-grade gray" star-rated comfortable business space.


The standard floor of the project adopts a large-span space design to maximize the lighting needs while ensuring the flexibility of space division, and fully meet the needs of international companies for high practicability and comfort in the office space.

The project was personally completed by Shao Weiping, a leading figure designer in the Chinese architecture industry. This is a building that can breathe freely. The 100-meter hollow dome of the building makes it possible to "permeate longitudinal indoor and outdoor sunlight".

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