Beijing Lvyin Villa Sales Office

Product Name
GFRC Component
Main Raw Material
Cement; Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber
Supply Amount
12000 Square Meters
Building Façade Decoration
Custom Size
30-50 MM
Smooth &Rough Surface

Lvyin Villa is located in Daxing District, Beijing, with 10,000 acres of orchard in the south and 3,000 acres of forest to the east. The environment is beautiful and the air is fresh. While enjoying the urban ecological environment, enjoy the city's prosperous facilities. The pure villa area guarantees the private atmosphere of the high class.

Greenery Villa Sales Office


From the appearance point of view, its architectural style is simple and elegant. The exterior facade decoration of the sales office adopts environmentally friendly GRC materials, which is in line with people's cultural philosophy of advocating nature and returning to nature. The cultural flavor and natural atmosphere are strong. The protruding arched roof design makes the entire building magnificent and complimented by the green plants, and is low-key Hidden in nature.

Thick detailed walls, narrow windows, semi-circular arches, typical Italian architectural style. The beautiful patterns on the exposed parts of the building are delicate and charming, quite interesting. The overall building gives people a sense of vitality, and the sales office reflects the delicate and elegant architecture of the villa area.


The architecture is romantic and solemn, and there is no lack of elegance and exquisiteness, and you can enjoy the grace and luxury. The internal garden landscape of the villa area is built with high-quality standards to create a natural landscape with a distinctive theme, which reflects a slow-paced manor life.

The project not only achieves perfection in architectural design, space planning, and landscaping, but also uses a new high-end service model to make customers feel at home, creating huge added value beyond the product level. The location of the superior location, the enjoyment of single-family living, and the space regulation of the villas reflect the exquisiteness of people from all walks of life for the quality of living.

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