What are the characteristics of GRC curtain wall panels?

2021-07-20 09:51

GRFC curtain wall panel is a composite exterior wall panel product formed by using large-format GRC high-strength panels as the main body of decoration and functionality, using various types of flexible anchoring systems as the connecting body, and compounding with insulation systems, external wall panels, internal wall panels, etc. . Compared with natural stone curtain walls, GRC curtain wall panels have the following outstanding advantages:


1. The exterior shapes of GRC curtain wall panels are diverse; the patterns can be changed arbitrarily according to the designer's creativity.

2. GRC curtain wall panels are rich in colors.

3. GRC curtain wall panels can imitate a variety of natural stone textures.

4. GRC curtain wall panels are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, instead of stone.

5. The comprehensive cost of GRC curtain wall panels is low.

6. The GRC curtain wall panel factory is prefabricated and formed into a product and installed conveniently and quickly.