Tibet Nyingchi High Speed Railway Station

Product Name
GFRC Component
Main Raw Material
Cement; Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber
Supply Amount
12000 Square Meters
Building Façade Decoration
Custom Size
30-50 MM
Smooth &Rough Surface

Nyingchi Station is an important intermediate station of the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, and also an intermediate station of the Ya'an-Nyingchi section. The site is located in Bujiu Township, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, close to the Niyang River Valley.


The design concept of the project is "the charm of work cloth, the peach blossoms reflect the snow", and the contours of the body are combined with the local mountains and rivers. The station building adopts the traditional Tibetan architectural style, focusing on the "people-oriented" design in terms of function. The building has the Tibetan ethnic characteristic style of white and vermilion, and the color is bright.

The roof adopts a steel grid structure, the hall grid is a four-layer grid, and the four-sloping roof organically combines the traditional Tibetan style with the modern architectural style.


The exterior facade adopts the full combination of GRC materials, glass curtain walls and aluminum panels to ensure the integrity of the facade. Plenty of natural light pours into the waiting hall through the glass curtain wall, and the space is open and clear.


The pillars in the indoor space use the bucket arch shape of the Tibetan stigma to reflect the spirit of the people of southeastern Tibet, and also give the interior a magnificent and atmospheric space effect. The square shape of the rafters is extracted and used in the space, the shape is simplified, the integration of the traditional and the modern is better, and the traditional architectural culture is expressed in the language of space.

Taking the peach blossom as the design motif, the peach blossom shape is integrated into the design, which not only avoids appearance, but also breaks the rigidity brought by the large-area fold line, which is the finishing touch. The application of peach blossom elements on the ceiling of the waiting hall adds to the overall richness.


As passengers go to the platform from the waiting hall through the futuristic underground passage, they can see the ground platform in front of them, and feel the past and the future intersect here.

The best urban space should belong to everyone. Sunshine, nature, architecture and fresh air merge into one. People-oriented, let people feel the convenience and comfort of travel.

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