Tianjin Stadium

Product Name
GFRC Component
Main Raw Material
Cement; Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber
Supply Amount
12000 Square Meters
Building Façade Decoration
Custom Size
30-50 MM
Smooth &Rough Surface

The choice of campus architectural style is not only related to the architect’s design philosophy, but also related to the understanding of the campus context. In order to show a youthful and energetic campus, display campus characteristics, and convey a stylish atmosphere, this project was designed at the beginning of the design. Considering the uniqueness of its style, in order to show a sense of clarity and lightness, and embody the vigorous spirit of the student days.


Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University Gymnasium is one of the new venues for the 13th National Games and will host international wrestling competitions. The overall shape of the gymnasium is an L-shaped space, with the theme of "take off" and the meaning of "advance, development, and gradual progress".

Viewed from the gymnasium, it constitutes an elegant and modern cluster with rhythm, hierarchy and proportion, which has quite a campus cultural heritage. The organic, concise, multi-level gymnasium effectively complements the solemn and elegant campus, and the space is full of vitality.


The temperament of the entire building is unified, dialogue with the characteristics of contemporary architecture. In the design process, the selection of materials and the consideration of detailed structure are the key to the presentation of the architectural effect. In recent years, with the increasing environmental pollution and people's continuous attention to environmental protection, schools are the sacred place for cultural dissemination, and glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) has become the preferred material due to its strong plasticity, energy saving and environmental protection.

The façade of the project has distinct levels, and the integration of GRC materials and glass curtain walls enhances the charm of traditional shapes and makes the whole cleaner. The static building, the façade, the waterscape and the light reflect each other, and the building produces the change of light and shadow in the natural fusion, forming an infinite poetic and flexible space.

The integrated building and environment make the building full of power. This kind of power comes from the youthful breath of the campus and the baptism of the natural environment. It is also a kind of campus culture and sportsmanship that the architecture wants to show.

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